Anxiety Disorder and Anxiety Attack Information - Different Types of anxiety disorders Part 2

There are more than one type of anxiety disorder. It is important to have the correct diagnosis so you can get the right treatment.

The different types of anxiety disorder include:

1) OCD

2) Panic Disorder

3) Social phobia

4) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

5) Generalized Anxiety Disorder

6) Specific Phobia

In this article, we will focus our discussion on anxiety neurosis.

What is panic disorder?

Do you or your friend suffer from the following? A brief attack that is so intense that you begin to shake and tremble. After the attack, you have shortness of breath and feel dizzy. The attack can last up to 10 minutes, sometimes less.

If you or your friend made to suffer the symptoms described the above, it is panic disorder.

Panic attacks can happen anytime, anywhere. If a person is stressed or have gone through an experience of fear, which can trigger a panic attack.

In fact, it is quite normal for a person who is going through a panic attack believes he Ansiedad she has a heart attack. This is due to changes in the heartbeat when the attack occurs. The victim may think there is something wrong with your heart. He Ansiedad she is also very concerned about having another attack.

A panic attack can adversely affect a person’s quality of life. Because of the unpredictability of when the attack will take place, the patient may simply decide not to leave home. They are worried about being embarrassed and being judged by other people.

In extreme cases, some may even choose to leave their jobs. If you think you are suffering from panic attack or know a friend who is suffering from, the treatment is not delayed. Consult your doctor immediately to get a correct diagnosis.

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