Advantages Of Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in many different types, but the most popular is the hearing aid that fits behind the ear. Some hearing aids design to fit inside the ear and some even within the internal auditory canal, most users prefer the hearing aid behind the ear models.

Why the appeal? This decision is made not only for aesthetic reasons, because the type that fit inside the ear would be less able to be seen.
Instead, users have found several advantages of hearing aids that fit behind the ear.

Description of behind the ear hearing aids

Behind the ear hearing aids consist of two parts: the hearing aid and ear mold. The actual hearing aid is worn behind the ear and is attached to the mold that fits inside the ear.

The audiologist takes an impression of both the inner and outer ear canal. This print allows the manufacturer to make a mold specifically designed. Electronic hearing aid components are sealed in the device that sits behind the ear.

As sound reaches the hearing aid is directed through the connection to the ear mold, making a trip to the eardrum. The concept is simple and low maintenance. That’s why this type of hearing aid is preferred.

The biggest advantage is that this type of hearing aid can effectively help people with any type of hearing loss. This is the value of this type of hearing aid.

When a person is diagnosed with hearing loss, the main problem is to improve your condition and there is also the well-being of the patient. This model is also suitable for any age, even toddlers. Although a child, a consideration is that the ear mold will have to be changed regularly
This type also provides amplification most among all other models. This is because the form of sound waves are collected and transmitted to the eardrum. For those concerned about the appearance of headphones, this type can be associated with your skin color to a nearly invisible installation. The advantages of this approach are clear and obvious why it is popular model.

The batteries used behind the ear hearing aids are larger than others. This is an advantage when changing batteries, as it is very easy to drop a small battery and lost.

Speaking of batteries, a hard behind the ear model, however, offers more power. Because they are not in contact with earwax that can damage the unit.

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