Advanced Acne Treatment for severe cases

People with severe acne problems may have tried different methods to reverse the effects of this skin is this without much success, whether it is a case that there are several other options that can help you achieve the result you are looking for, if it is to kill bacteria, decreasing infection or treat the whole problem, special procedures have been developed to guide the complications caused by acne, let’s look at some of these treatments.

Accutane (isotretinoin):

This is a very effective medication used to combat severe cases of acne, as well as a type of chemotherapy that can help prevent certain types of skin cancer. Isotretinoin has been marketed under different names such as Accutane by the Swiss global health care company Roche Claravis Barr, Pacific Isotane pharmaceuticals, etc.

Isotretinoin is an ingredient that is known to cause birth defects so it is highly recommended (and yes very important) for pregnant women to stay away from this acne product when a baby is expected due to the aforementioned reasons.


Clinical studies have shown that the combination of blue and violet light at a frequency of about 405-425 nanometers can reduce inflammation caused by acne up to 70 after treating the problem for about a month with phototherapy. It has also said that sunlight can improve our skin condition after moderate exposure however, if this method is used to treat acne sunlight is known to worsen the long-term problem.

Laser surgery:

While laser surgery methods to treat acne have been around for a while the technology itself is fairly new and most protocols followed are open to experimentation and further questioning. The use of laser on a person’s skin is expected to burn out sebaceous glands that produce oil, induce formation of oxygen in the bacteria to kill and burn away the follicle sac.

This should be the last resort of a person who has tried almost everything in order to treat acne but has ended without seeing any results. The use of intensified light and lasers is actually very controversial due to the fact that it has been said that continued exposure of the skin to this type of radiation can cause severe skin dryness and blemishes.

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