Acne Treatment - 6 Tips to an alleged Defect Free Skin Care

Acne is a skin disease that affects many people and is seen by most of those who are in their adolescent stage. Acne is caused by oil called sebum trapped inside your pores. Once fat builds up, the bacteria begin to grow causing inflammation we know is that we know that whitehead, blackhead or pimple.
The face is not the only part of our body that can be infected by acne, although it is common in this area, acne can also be found in the neck, chest and back.

There are various treatments available in the market today. For mild to moderate cases, OTC products normally functions as Benzoyl Peroxide (Dry to oil and attacks p. Acnes bacteria to cure acne), salicylic acid (skin cells stop shed) and sulfur (is broken grains). For severe cases you can choose to undergo laser treatments (a bit expensive but the effects are immediate), take drugs like Accutane (A popular acne treatment that helps reduce oil production, inflammation and clogged pores ). Although these methods have proven effective, is still preferred and suggested that the natural way to prevent and treat acne guilty. Natural is usually cheaper and without the side effects that are usually present in medications.

What can be done naturally to achieve a spot free skin? Here are some of them:

1. Eat Right – Although it has never been scientifically proven that eating fatty foods contribute to the development of acne, it is a well known fact that eating clean healthy and detoxifies our body leaves us with a bright healthy skin made.

2. Drink plenty of water – Clean water wash our body of toxins and excess oil.

3. Pineapple Juice – Same as water, it also helps flush toxins and fat from the body. A daily dose of pineapple juice will have a significant effect on your health as a whole.

4. Lemon juice as astringent – thrust his face lightly with lemon juice will help remove excess oil that can potentially be trapped inside your pores. This will serve as your exfoliating cleanser.

5. Tea – Tea is well known for its antioxidants properties, in particular chamomile tea and red. It is not surprising that the Chinese have beautiful skin.

6. Fruits and Vegetables – A large ccontradad fruit and vegetables are known to have fiber and antioxidants content. Adding to your diet not only helps clean your body, but also provide a rosy glow of your skin.

Acne infection can cause great harm to someone you trust, especially at the stage of adolescence where a person is starting to build its own personality. It is never easy to deal with people who make fun of you because of your condition, it might be just a joke to them but has an effect on a person’s level of confidence.

Before you or a family member infected with acne, it is advisable to follow the simple advice at this time. Remember, prevention is better than cure and it is cheaper.

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