Acne Laser Treatment - The Truth

So here is the truth about acne laser treatment. Is it worth the thousands of dollars, hours of pain, weeks of recovery with a swollen face even worse than the acne you started, and end all, end with an empty wallet and no noticeable difference? Of course not.

Laser acne treatment is usually prescribed for the latter stages of acne, when it seems to be particularly scarring around the severely affected areas.
In general, the idea is to make the laser exactly what you would imagine are for lasers, and just what we are used in movies – blasting off the scars on his face. To do this, essentially burning the top layers of the skin, promoting new skin to regrow without the scar tissue.

The problem is, the laser treatment can cause scarring acne itself. While you might remove acne scars, you could end up with scars laser instead.

The other time acne laser treatment is prescribed for certain special cases that may respond well, depending on the cause of the disease. The laser targets the acne to kill any bacteria on the face, back or neck that are causing acne to develop. Once the bacteria are killed, the theory is that acne is just on your own.

Again, there is a problem with this approach. First, as mentioned above the laser can cause scarring, secondly not all acne is caused by bacterial infections, and thirdly there is nothing to stop the bacteria come back and you have to get your wallet again and downwardly to the laser for highest clinical treatments.

Although acne laser treatment is hyped by the media and those who sell, reality is to be used only as a last serious absolute resource and special cases, and then only qualified professionals with experience and a proven track record of safety.

A much better approach to curing acne is with all natural methods. They are cheaper, easier to apply, safe, without risk of scarring and can do it yourself at home in your own time. Natural methods to cure acne have a long and well researched history, and a high success rate. If you are considering laser treatment for acne, since it was for only a little more and try to go natural for a bit first.

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