5 Good Reasons to Stop Smoking

Do not light up now. I want to give another 5 good reasons to quit. I know, I know.
We have all been warned about lung damage and risk of heart disease. Not only can not be any good reason to stop smoking if these warnings have not scared us into submission. Law? Wrong!

Many long time smokers think it’s too late to quit. They have smoked for 20, 30 even 50 years so why stop now? The damage is probably already done so. While damage undoubtedly been made, it is not too late to reverse. At least some of them. No matter how long you have been a smoker here are 5 good reasons to quit smoking now.
1. Eight hours after quitting, nicotine levels in your blood will be reduced by up to 50. Their oxygen levels also begin to return to normal.
2. After just 48 hours of not smoking your body will be free from nicotine. You will begin to regain their sense of smell and taste.
3. After a mere 72 hours after smoking your bronchial tubes relax and your breathing easier. You’ll notice a marked increase in energy.
4. Within two to six months, you will notice that they are no longer coughing and wheezing. Will now breathe much easier.
5. The blood circulation improved throughout the process.

It is 5 good reasons to quit. The next step is up to you. There are many aids and books on how to quit smoking. You can even use hypnosis to stop smoking aid. Many ex-smokers swear by this method. One thing is certain. Your health will improve if you make the decision that you are going to give up cigarettes. Regardless of the method you choose to remove the habit of work . . . if they are determined to quit. I wish you much success.

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