3 Hypertension Symptoms You Need to Know

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, can be an extremely dangerous condition. Often called the silent murderer because of the fact that people who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure are often unaware that, until it hit with a sudden heart attack or stroke. In many cases high blood pressure is not identified until a checkup at the doctor’s office, often by some unrelated problems.
Therefore, it is important not to take unnecessary risks and paying attention to the following symptoms of hypertension that could suffer.

True, it is easy to ignore the early high blood pressure due to their lack of obvious symptoms, but no real excuse for it. Affordable digital blood pressure monitors are now widely available and many pharmacies offer blood pressure machines for their customers.

But if you do happen to be out of touch with his blood pressure there are a number of troubling symptoms of advanced and dangerous levels of pressure that you must pay before care about high blood pressure can get completely out of hand, and put you in a critical health situation.

Three advanced display symptoms of high blood pressure can be:
– Blurred vision, other vision problems or eye sensitivity to light touch or pressure

– Breathing difficulties to any effort

– Prolonged and Hipertensión or acute mental or physical stress
There are many other signs and symptoms that might indicate they are suffering hypertension. These include:

– Unexpected nosebleeds for no obvious reason

– They experience exhaustion, despite having sufficient rest

– Experience confusion

– Buzzing in the ears

– Feeling pain or tightening in the chest area

– The presence of blood in urine

– Chronic or severe headaches

– Palpitations or irregular heartbeat

These are just some of the symptoms and signs of a dangerous level of hypertension. Importantly, these symptoms can have many possible causes, but should never be ignored, especially when blood pressure check is so easy to do.

If you or a loved one experiences any of these symptoms should immediately go to the doctor for a checkup or even the emergency room if symptoms are severe. High blood pressure is very treatable, either Pharmaceutically or through natural methods and lifestyle changes.

You diet plays an important role in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Instead of focusing on certain foods that you simply can not go wrong with a natural food high in fruits, vegetables and grains and low in fat and sugar varied diet of all.

Salt intake can also play an important role in determining blood pressure. The problem begins when the balance of sodium, magnesium and potassium whack out due to a diet of processed foods that are high in salt and low in the other minerals. In these circumstances, the use of a salt ccontradad makes your blood pressure shoot sky high, and even has the potential to kill in extreme cases. The easiest way to keep sodium levels healthy way is to avoid salty foods and never to add salt to your food. There is much sodium that occurs naturally in many foods. Again, they do not go wrong with a free natural diet of most processed foods.

To help prevent or reverse high blood pressure is necessary to learn to maintain a balanced diet. The cholesterol and saturated fats that clog arteries and heart have to put in a huge ccontradad working to pump blood through your system, creating high blood pressure. At the same time, if you are overweight, lose some weight will help to alleviate their current blood pressure level. Start an exercise regime – even just walking 30 minutes a day will help – and adhere to it. In addition to strengthening your heart, exercise will help you burn away cholesterol and saturated fats, facilitating the possibility of blockages of the arteries.

Another important way to benefit your blood pressure is to learn some of the simple ways to relieve stress. Chronic stress is recognized as one of the main factors leading to hypertension and is often linked to heart disease. You do not necessarily need complex solutions such as yoga or meditation. Simple pleasures like listening to music or relax in a hot tub are equally beneficial and increase both their mental and physical well being.

Hypertension is involved in many other deadly diseases and health conditions. Therefore, if they can learn to maintain healthy blood pressure can prevent many future health problems and suffering.

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